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Association Management

For more than . . .

. . . 20 years, Megram has been working for a broad range of national and international not-for-profit associations.

We follow established best practices, stress transparency of operations, and mitigate risks by keeping volunteer boards and committees informed, allowing them to guide and set policy.  We are customer-service orientated and we are committed to resolving member concerns professionally and quickly.

Day-to-day administration

We believe that non-profit and charitable organizations should not have to rely on volunteers to do the day-to-day work that running an association entails.  We do that work that can become over-whelming for even small organizations because of economies of scale and the sharing of resources between clients.

We function as the central office for NFPs – a common point of contact.  We store records and related archival material.  Our office servers are backed-up daily on and off-site, and dedicated telephone lines are available.  We develop and maintain websites and publish magazines and newsletters.

Membership management

A strong membership is the base for every successful association and we know how to expand that base and retain members by providing quality, value-added services. We understand how member-based associations work.

Membership management includes member database maintenance, renewals, retention, communications and growth through new services and benefits.  Member services (what’s-in-it-for-me?), flow from boards and committees.  Existing programs must be operationally implemented and managed and new member services brought to the boards’ attention.

Governance support

Not-for-profit associations are run by boards and committees of dedicated volunteers committed to a common mandate and vision.  As they grow, the day-to-day administration and management requirements strain volunteers and policies reviews go unattended.

Megram provides the management support and administrative skills required to help associations run smoothly and efficiently, removing volunteers from consuming operational tasks.  We arrange meeting times, agendas, action item lists and backgrounders, take minutes and prepare post-meeting reports with time-lines and costs for review and consideration.  We help prepare and maintain board and other governance manuals.

Financial management

We provide a wide-range of financial and fiscal management services to ensure client associations stay vibrant and grow. We work closely with treasurers to maintain internal controls, develop operational budgets and manage cash flow.   We maintain financial records, manage banking and manage audits.  We invoice, collect and account for membership fees. We file necessary reports and we are familiar with CRA receipting requirements.

Accreditation / Certification

We understand program accreditation and certification processes leading to professional designations.

Megram is the accreditation office for two national professions and we manage the professional designation programs for two others.  We are conversant with accreditation best practices and we know the processes required for initial certification and renewals leading to assigned designations.

Scholarship management

We have managed the scholarship program for a national charitable foundation for over 15 years including application handling, judging panels and CRA tax receipt requirements.

Meeting planning

From telephone conferences to webinars, Skype meetings board and committee face-to-face retreats to AGMs and conferences, Megram can manage it all.  We arrange venues, contract third-parties and ensure that meeting rooms are ready.  We can arrange accommodations and food, allowing for special dietary needs.  We take minutes, assist with voting and oversee trade show events.

Strategic planning

All NFPs need to review their programs on a regular basis and we can arrange venues and find professional facilitators.  We apply time-lines and costs to new projects and program recommendations and once approved, we put those into motion and report on outcomes.

Website development

We are skilled website developers and have been doing this for over 10 years.  We design, writing/edit content, build, host and maintain responsive websites that function on all platforms and devices, are easy to navigate, attractive and reflective of our client's professional image.